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Thursday, June 27, 2019
The Sons of Solomon Motorcycle Club is a group of Prince Hall Masons based in the District of Columbia, that have come together to enjoy our love for Masonry and Motorcycling.

Our purpose is to:

Introduce the experience of motorcycling to our Masonic family.
Support our Lodges through attendances and participation in Lodge events.
Help, Aid and Assist our sick & shut-in brothers as well as contribute to the relief of our widows and orphans.

Support the Grand Lodge from whose jurisdiction we may Hail.   

The Sons of Solomon is not an outlaw or 1% club. We claim no Territory. We are a Motorcycle Club with strong family values. As Prince Hall Masons we always strive to create a positive image of Masonry throughout our communities in all walks of life.

If you are a Prince Hall Mason in good standings with your Lodge and have a motorcycle with at least 500 cc's we are interested in hearing from you.

Sons of Solomon launches new CMS site. This site will present SOSMC in a way that best represents what we believe is the fastest growing Masonic Motorcycle Club in the nation. This site will allow SOSMC to fully contribute to our communities and provide a tool to deliver our presence in a positive fashion. It also allows members of the SOSMC to communicate effectively across state lines to support the mission and foundation of this club.

Doc - National President 

Virginia Sons Feed the Homeless: The season for showing good will and love towards our fellow man and woman is officially here and this is usually the time that good deeds and charity is at its peak. There really is no logical reason why giving to others in need shouldn’t be at the very top of everyone’s agenda. In keeping with that ideology, on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, the membership of the Sons of Solomon Motorcycle Club (VA Chapter) opened the doors to their Clubhouse (The Temple)  to provide an early Thanksgiving meal to those in need. The Sons of Solomon Motorcycle Club is a local motorcycle organization with strong Masonic ties. The club is comprised of Prince Hall Masons from within the immediate Tri-Cities area to include Richmond, VA. overall preparation for the dinner and the actual feeding process was actually a labor of Love, stated club President Joseph “SHOGUN” Parham. When individuals have been blessed to the extent that our families and the members have been, individually and collectively, it is really not an option not to try to give something back to the community. That is the Prince Hall Masons way and the way of the Sons of Solomon Motorcycle organization and our National President, DOC re-enforces our charity responsibilities on a regular basis. There were approximately 100 individuals fed on November 22, 2011 through the efforts of the membership. There was even assistance from the President of the Southern MD Chapter - Old Man, who traveled to VA to be a part of the effort. The membership of the Sons of Solomon VA Chapter truly believes that we are here in Petersburg, VA for a reason and if we continue to do what is right and follow the tenants of Masonry and the governing rules of the Son of Solomon organization that have already been established, our purpose will be clearly revealed to us says Shogun. After all, “WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER”.