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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Our colors are our most important asset. They represent the foundation of our club, our travels through masonry and our commitment to friendship and brotherly love. They are explained as follows:

1.  Crossed Swords - Symbol of honor and dedication.

2.  The Crown - Symbol of our 3 Great Kings whom we associate with in our travels through masonry.

3.  Skull - Symbol of our tie to death.

4.  Sprig of Acacia - Symbol of immortality (Being born again).

5.  Gold - Symbol of a highly-valued metal because of its rarity, beauty, workability, and durability.

6.  Purple - Because of its high cost, purple-dyed clothing was worn at first only by the wealthy and rulers.

Are you a Masonic Organization?

We are NOT affiliated with any specific Masonic body or organization though we are all Master Masons.

Since you are Masons are you devil worshipers also?

Though we sometimes have some devilish ways, we do NOT worship the devil.
We all believe in the Grand Architect of the Universe.

Do I have to be a Master Mason to become a Son?

Yes, you must be a Prince Hall Master Mason in good standing in your respective jurisdiction.

Are you a 1% Motorcycle Club?

We are NOT a gang or a 1% MC.  We are law abiding citizens.

How do I become a Son or start a Chapter in my area?

Contact us through the contact form for more information.

Are the Sons affiliated with any other Clubs?

We are NOT a support club for any other club or affiliated or associated with any other club.

Can women join the Sons?

No women can NOT join the Sons; we are a male only Club.

I noticed that you have State and City rockers on your colors;
do you claim that as your territory?

We are NOT territorial and claim no territory as ours. We are spread out and only
show States and cities as a means to identify to other master masons where we hail from.